Monday, April 20, 2009

Planning for next year

Ok I have been planning for a while what I was going to use next year for homeschool.

Allison will be in 5th grade, and Jack is only 3 but enjoys school so we are going try a couple of things for him to do school!

Allison :
Language, Spelling, Penmanship - Abeka 5
Math - Abeka 5
Science - Switched on Schoolhouse
History - Switched on Schoolhouse
Reading - will be various books, right now I only have one planned and re-read and that is Old Yeller - I plan on us reading this and then watching the movie after reading. Other than that I have not nailed anything down for sure, but have several ideas.

I ordered for him Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons, & Get Ready for the Code Book A. I am also planning on taking alot of ideas from a couple of blogs with preschoolers. I know Jack is only 3, but he see Allison sit down for school and I would like to be able to incorporate him into more of the things we do also.

We will see!!!

I also plan on teaching both Sign Language and have ordered a couple of books for this, if it is in the budget we will try Rosetta Stones Spanish, but it is quite pricey and we will have to see a little closer to time!

That's the plan so far!!

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