Monday, June 29, 2009

Hiking Fun 06/27/09

Granny Stella came this weekend when Lindsey came home from her job in Alabama. So we planned a family hiking trip since Jonathan was off from work too. We have been trying to hit the trails at least once a week and this week we headed back to Pine Log Trails.

We packed plenty of water and headed out about 10 AM. Yes it was suppose to reach 103, but us fearless hikers (no laughing) started out the day a little later than planned. We headed out the main trail to the west loop then over to the east loop. We never made it to the lake, one hiker we saw said we were about half way there. So we turned back at 12:30. Keep in mind here that we had Allison 10 and Jack 3 they were pulling there own weight and did a great job. No one really complained and a great time was had by all. Of course we were sweaty nasty people by the end, but it was fun. My best guess is about 3 miles maybe a little more... Jonathan says at least 5 miles but that gets a little farther every time we talk about it.

Enjoy our pictures!!!

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