Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Back-to-School - School Room

In our short time of doing homeschool. We have tried different areas in our home. Most of last year and so far this year we have been using the downstairs family room as our school room. It works best for us. The room is really a big room. It doesn't look like it, but if you think about all we have in there it really is a large room. Jack has his own toy box and book shelf in the room so that he can be occupied when he is not interested in school, or he can head out to the fenced in backyard to play!!

In this shot you can see our big table that we "do" most of our school, crafts, play dough on. We have out bookshelves....these have the books we are currently using, or that I would like to get to using this year!! Our other books are kept in the office closet/bookshelf. You can also see a desk I use for my laptop when in the classroom. Of course Allison did not mind posing for a quick picture!!!

Jonathan (my wonderful husband)put me up a white board wall this summer so I have a 4x8 ft area of nothing but whiteboard, and it works great for us. Also on this wall below my white board is a small white board Jack can do his writing on when he needs too.

This is our comfy reading couch. The ends recline, and makes for comfy cozy reading, maybe even a nap or two if needed.

This is our cork board, and so far this year we have been using it to display Jack's work on. He is so proud of all that he makes he has to show Dad as soon as he gets home!!
That pretty much wraps up our tour of our homeschool school room!!! Thanks for stopping by...Head on over to Darcy's blog to see the other's participants


Tracy said...

My mouth dropped open as your blog opened....I have a freind who goes by speedymom and also 2boys2girls. Funny!

Have a blessed year!

Jennifer said...

Your school room is great! A couch is the one thing that I wish we had room for. We end up in the living room a lot, because who wants to sit at a table while listening to a story?? ;)

I also wish we had some more wall space so that we could fit a nice big white board. Ours is very small and I end up never using it because the kids can't read it from the table anyway....

Robin E. said...

A school room with a couch, perfect! Thanks for sharing on the Blog Hop.