Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Every year I look forward to baking and decorating cookies with my children. This has been a tradition that I cherish and I hope that children will remember and continue with their children one day.

 Lindsey missed out on helping us this year becasue she has been working 2 jobs.  We really missed her, but Jack and Allison made her a special cookie!!

This is Allison and Jack getting started....they love the eggs for some reason...

I am not sure what Jack was explainning to Allison here...probably how to stir...

Cutting out the cookies

A pan of cookies ready to bake.

Starting to decorate...

Each needed their own icing bowls

Notice the concentration while decorating

The finished product

and the taste test

They were very yummy and we have really enjoyed them!! 


Anonymous said...

Joe & I enjoyed the cookie pics. It was almost like we could smell them baking. Thanks again for sharing. You have added an extra Christmas warmth to our lives.
Love, Auntie Kim & Uncle Joe

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