Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slowly but Surely

I am getting over Pneumonia. I am steadily getting better, but I still tire out so easily. My poor kiddos are ready for a full energy mom!

We did manage to start on our Math-u-see program. We are really enjoying it. Jackson went through lesson one in a day and was asking for more. We started lesson 2 and he is about half way through it. We should finish lesson two pages toady.

Allison did not start pre-algebra until yesterday and she is moving along. We are about half way through lesson one and should finish it today.

I actually am having the best day I have had in about 2 weeks today, but I do not want to over do it, because I felt good Monday and cleaned alot of things....then paid for it for the last 2days. So slow and steady are my motto for today!


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