Monday, August 8, 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop - School Room

Honestly we have done school in many rooms of our home. We have tried it in the guest bedroom, the downstairs living room - both made really nice classrooms. We have finally however figured out for our family school just works better in the dining room. My husband gracsiously agreed to let me have a large 4ft X 8ft white board hung in the dining room and added a 4ft and a 6 ft bookshelf to the room to store our books. So if anyone comes to the house for a sit down dinner they will most likely guess we are homeschoolers (if they don't know already).**Kids working hard at the dining room table**

Being in the dining room is more convenient it is the central location in the home. Since my husband took part of 2 walls down to half walls in the kitchen I can easily look out and see what both of my kiddos are doing and answer questions they my have without yelling. It just works best for us as a family!
**Below my white board my husband put up for us - ignore the blue walls the paint turned out darker than I wanted so I stopped after the dining room**
Hope you enjoy:**Our calendar**
**Our bookshelf with this years books only - we have 2 other this size with reading books on them but they are in our office downstairs so no photo cuz I was lazy and the kiddos seem too easily distracted today for me to head downstairs and have them keep working**

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**One more shot of Allison working on her Beautiful Feet Early American and World History as well as the half walls my husband built so it is easier to communicate and feed them :O)**

**Sorry I had to retake these and reload them (yes my camera is a day behind) to get the pictures to show up...sometimes blogger makes me so mad urgh!!!!

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