Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Update

Gosh we have been quiet?!?!?

This week we started our 4 day week school. It has gone well this first week. The kiddos worked hard Mon-Thurs. We are trying this schedule out and saving Friday for field trips, library runs, and errands. This was our big once a month grocery shopping and we hit Sam's Club and Walmart. I think we left home about 9 am and got completely done by about 4 pm. It was a day!

Jackson is zooming through his math-u-see primer. We finished lesson 10 and 11 this week. We are working through Reading Made Easy, and Jack read his first sentence this week ( a cat sat.) I know real hard but it was something that I have been worried about. He is the first child that I have had the honor of teaching to read. So far it is really exciting!!!!

Allison had a learning week. She took her first Apologia General Science Test and realized it is a little harder than she thought. After I scored it she said she understood better how to study Science and although disappointed in herself, I think she learned and that is what is important. In her math she is also moving along nicely. We completed lesson 5 with test and did great! History we wrapped up Lesson 5 & 6 and will be working to wrap up the Columbus book next week before continuing in our Science.

We have been working on repainting the dinning room (again). I don't think anyone except Jack liked the blue. So this week I have Kilzed the walls again and purchased the new paint (Bleached Wheat). This is a pretty neutral color and so I think it will look nice, be easy to match and if we don't like it I should be able to paint over it with out the primer :O)

Well time for me to get moving got to get ready for church!



I could not leave without a picture .... a couple more Stone Mountain shots

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