Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop - A Day in the Life


7:00 am - shower, eat breakfast, unload dishwasher, make tea, start laundry

8:00 am - wake Jack & Allison up for breakfast - while the kids eat I read from our Bible study for the week.

8:30 am - put away breakfast dishes, and get dressed

9:00 am - Start School - Pledge of Allegiance and prayer time. Allison will begin on her work. Since she is in 7th grade and fairly independent I giver her my lesson book and she begins work where she likes. Jackson and I sit down and begin by going over his memory verse and listening to it on the CD.

9:30 am - Jackson and I work on his history section, math, and science or art.

10:00 am - Jackson and Allison take about a 10 min break to get up and move around. I change over the laundry and start the dishwasher if it is ready.

10:15 am - Allison resumes working independently, and Jackson and I work on his Reading made easy daily lesson, Copy work, and reading from the assigned book. After we are done with this Jackson usually picks out 5+ books for us to snuggle on the couch and read.

11:00 am Jack is usually free and will clean his room then play outside or in his room. I will start lunch or at least get things ready and lay out what is needed for supper.

11:15 am - Allison and I go over everything that she has accomplished that can be checked.

11:30 am - Allison takes Dolly (our Dog) on a good half our walk.

12:10 pm Lunch

12:45 pm lunch clean up. Change over laundry.

1:00 pm sometimes we head to the pool for a couple hours and Allison will resume school later in the day. If not we save all science experiments for both Allison and Jackson until after lunch.

1:30 pm if not swimming still Allison will do her daily reading.

3:00 pm Allison is usually done no later than 3 most of the time unless we go swimming she will be done before 2

4:00 we clean up our rooms and do a general tidy up.

5:30 pm I will begin cooking supper.

We eat whenever Daddy gets home which is somewhere between 6:00 and 7:00 pm

Then it is baths and bedtime.

8:00 pm Jackson's bedtime

9:00 pm Allison's had to be in her room, but is allowed free reading until 9:30 pm then lights out!

That's our day in a nut shell....we somehow squeeze in lots of outside play, but that is not something I really schedule it just happens. I usually try to go to the library on Wednesday and a hike if possible on Thursday. Friday afternoon we often have errands to run! Homeschooling is such a blessing to me and I would not have it any other way!

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