Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This has been a busy week for us - who am I kidding they all seem busy to me ;o) We took Monday off since Dad was home and we all spent time working on little projects around the house. Allison and I painted a few things, and Jackson and Dad worked on fixing what needed to be done. Since it rained all day Monday the deck was temporarily abandoned.

School has gone well this week. We started back on Tuesday and finished up today. We are using Lamp & Quill for Bible and we really enjoyed it this week. I love to hear Jack and Allison discussing what we have read. We always pray before school and their prayer life really seems to be growing.

Math-u-see we had another wonderful week. Allison finished section 7 and is half way through with section 8. Jackson cleared units 14 and 15. This is really a great program out there for anyone who was wondering. This is our first year and we are loving it. Also my MUS book for Alpha for Jack came today. I purchased the teacher book and DVD used so great score!

Allison moved into her geography using Beautiful Feet Books. She is really loving it. She said she thinks it is her new favorite subject. Which is really saying something since this week was a Science week! She got through lesson 1 and did the questions and map work. The maps are really beautiful.

This week as you can see from my other post was one about science. I still have another experiment that Jackson did to post and Allison also did her 2.3 experiment in Apologia General Science. I forgot to get pictures unfortunately or I would post them too. We have had great fun with Science.

Allison is still plugging away at the Hobbit and enjoying it. We only do one chapter a day and then she does plenty of free reading throughout the day. She is alot like me in the sense that she likes to read and finishes a couple books a week!

Jackson and I are also working on Reddy Fox and we have almost made it through. I think we have 2 more days of reading and we will be moving on. Allison and I have enjoyed this story moreso than Jackson, but Jackson has been showing more interest in it. We made a Reddy Fox mask this week as part of craft time!

Thats about it ... the kiddos are heading to Granny's for the weekend so that hopefully hubby and I can wrap up this deck and maybe even move a few bushes around who knows?!?!?! I hope everyone has had an excellent week!



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