Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whats on our Bookshelf for Jackson

"The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
- Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!"

Reading has always been something my children and I enjoy. I enjoy the snuggle time on the couch with them, as well as all the places we go in a book. This past Friday September 2, 2011 Jackson got his library card. He was so proud to take out his own books on his own card. We have a great library here and really enjoy our weekly trips to the library for both movies and books.

I have been keeping a record of some of the books Jackson and I have been reading this year. I have recorded over 30 already, and these are the ones I have remembered to write down...we have read so many that sometimes I forget to write them down ;O)

  1. Hot Dog ~ by Molly Coxe

  2. Spooky Tire ~ by John Scieszka

  3. Zoom Boom Bully ~ by John Scieszka

  4. Snow Trucking ~ by John Scieszka

  5. Calling all Cars ~ by Sonia Sauder

  6. Help is on the Way ~ by Sonia Sauder

  7. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse ~ Susanna Davidson

  8. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way ~ Alice Schertle

  9. Goodnight Sweet Butterflies ~ Bently

  10. Dino Soccer ~ Lisa Wheeler

  11. Happy Birthday Monster ~ Scott Beck

  12. Kat's Mystery Gift ~ John Scieszka

  13. Mittens ~ Lola Schaefer

  14. Follow me Mittens ~ Lola Schaefer

  15. T. Rex Troubles ~ Wrecks

  16. Biscuit's Day at the Farm ~ Alyssa Capucilli

  17. Biscuit's New Friend

  18. Biscuit goes to School

  19. Pumpkin Eye ~ Denise Fleming

  20. Tubby ~ Leslie Patricelli

  21. Potty

  22. Monster Parade ~ Shana Corey

  23. The Police Cloud ~ Christopher Niemann

  24. Biscuit & the Baby ~ Alyssa Capucilli

  25. Sometimes ~ Keith Baker

  26. The Song that Never Ends ~ Steven Banks

  27. Swamp Song ~ Helen Ketteman

  28. What does Ms. Claus Do? ~ Kate Wharton

  29. Easy Street ~ Rita Gray

  30. Red Sled ~ Patricia Thomas

  31. What do you do when a Monster says BOO ~ Hope Vestergaard

I hope to keep an running list of all that we read this year. Jack is beginning reading and sometimes can pick out words that we just went over, but I think we still have a long way to go. But Practice makes perfect!!!

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