Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Okay the week after Spring Break started back slowly!  I let Jack and Allison both sleep really late Monday.  Then when everyone got up and got moving we still drug around.  We made it through Bible and once we were singing Hymns which we do as part of our Bible time everyone had perked up.  Monday went easy after this point and Jack and I still finished before lunch.  Allison was able to get everything done except History, and we worked on that after lunch.

Tuesday, Wednesday both went pretty well although it has turned off really cold and warms up in the afternoon only to freeze us again at night...yep time for us to be sick.  This always happens when the weather does crazy things.  Poor Jack is so stuffy I can not understand some of the words he says when he is reading.  He got a little crabby Wednesday when I kept correcting him and he was saying the correct word ... oops.

Thursday was a little better our stuffy noes seem some better.  We woke up to 30 degrees this am and my flowers are dead, but school went smoothly and we all got done before lunch.  We made chocolate chip cookies and had Chinese take out for dinner < a favorite of all!!!

Happy, busy, learning happening here! 

Mom why are you taking my picture?

Friday - we have sailed through today.  This is our lightest day of the week and we spent some time cleaning and getting things ready for the weekend.

Now I am stretched out on the couch typing this listening to the kids play outside in the sunshine.  A nice way to end the week!  I plan to look through some of my curriculum catalogs that have come in this week to start planning next year!

Have a great weekend!!
Lisa Marie

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