Friday, May 18, 2012

Dear Direct TV

My husband and I prayerfully decided that television was not for our family.  Yes we can afford it, but we don't want it.  No there is no problem with the reciever.  Were we pleased with the service?  Yes Direct Tv is a very professional company and we have never had any problem with your company.  But TV is not for our family.  There are wonderful programs out there, but there are a multitude of terrible tv programs out there.  Yes I understand V-chip.  I just do not want tv in our home anymore.  It is a time sucker, and most of the shows on there are not family oriented.  Please disconnect our service.  (repeat these senitments at least 3 times)

Do I have young children?  Yes, we have children 13 and 6 so I do not know if you condsider that young.  How am I going to entertain them?  Really....they will go outside and play more and read alot more.  We do have DVD's they can watch in rare I must watch tv moments.  (insert sacastic laugh from Direct tv rep).  Please just disconnect the service.

Finally after many attempts our tv service was disconnected.
I understand it is her job to try and save the customer, but really, how am I, their mother, going to entertain them?  hahahahaha I should have said manual labor :OP

That's Goodbye tv today has been blissful .... I will let you know how the rest of the summer goes :O)

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