Monday, August 6, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop - Curriculum Week

Gosh it is that time of year again already.  Time for the 4th Annual Not Back to School Blog Hop!!  I am so excited to be participating Lord willing in all 4 weeks!

  • Week of 8/6/12 Curriculum Week
  • Week of 8/13/12 School Room Week
  • Week of 8/20/12 Student Photo Week
  • Week of 8/27/12 Day in the Life Week
We will not officially begin school until after our vacation the week of 8/20/12!  I, like many of you have had most of our curriculum for a while since I seem to be a curriculum junkie.  The planning did not start until a couple of weeks ago.  I do have the first 3 weeks of 8th grade planned for my daughter, and the first 5 weeks of 1st grade for my son.

So here is the just of what we are using:

8th Grade:

Science: Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science
Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone Spanish
Typing: Mavis Beacon
Writing: Writing Strands, Applications of Grammar, Blog Entries
Reading: My Father's World, Free Kindle Books, Progeny Press Study Guides
Geography/History: My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures w/ the 8th grade expansion pack
Math: Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1
Art: My Father's World and weekly activities in drawing and Arts and Crafts
Home Ec: Training our Daughters to be Keepers at Home

1st Grade:

Handwriting: My Father's World, Draw Write Now book 2, Memoria Press Copybook 1
Math: My Father's World, and Math U See Alpha - moving into Beta by Christmas
Bible, Science, History, Reading: My Father's World as you can tell is our primary bones for this year. 
Typing: Typing Instructor for Kids Typer Island
Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone Spanish
Reading:  We will spend at least 20 minutes a day with me reading to him.  We make weekly visits to our local library for Jack to pick out books and usually read about 25-30 books a week from the library.

Bible:  My Father's World is Christ centered and we use that as well as other books.  In the morning the kids and I sing 3-4 Hymns in addition to reading the Proverb of the day.  In the evening after supper we as a family use Balancing the Sword.  This is new to us and we are working through this as a family.

I am really excited to begin school and normally we would have already started, except that we are planning a trip to Florida after most of the schools here have gone back.  The kids can't stay out of our classroom and books are always disappearing around here.  I just hope they save some to read for school!  To join the Hop or visit other click on the link at the top!!

Lisa Marie 

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Emily said...

My ODD is 13 and using:
English- Total Language Plus, reading poetry with Nana
History- Diana Warner's History Alive Book 3
Science- Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science
Math- Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra
Foreign Language- Rosetta Stone French
Bible- Reading the Bible daily and pratipating in our church's Teen Program
Art/Home Ec- Sewing,crosstitch,and knitting lessons from Nana, dinner duty 2x a week, Music-Teen Program's choir
P.E.- Yoga classes with me

My YDD and DS are in the 1st grade. They use:
English- Sing,Spell,Read,Write Level 1
Spelling-Dr. Aardsma's Spelling Drill
Math- Saxon Math 1
Science-Elementary Co-op K1 Hands On Science
History- Elementary Co-op Exploring America K12
Bible-Reading the Children's Bible daily and weekly sacrement prep classes at church
Art- Elementary Co-op Craft Fun K1
Music- Elementary Co-op Music Fun K1
PE- Elementary Co-op Active Fun K12
*Elementary Co-op meets on Fridays from 1-5:30 During this time ODD takes her lessons with Nana so most of our lessons are done M-Th.