Saturday, August 4, 2012

Homeschooling Q & A

It is that time of year when all the Public/Private school kids return to their classrooms and we are still out and about.  It is actually great to get out and about while everyone else is at school because things are much less crowded, but it is also the time of year when people start asking THOSE questions!  You know the ones homeschooler answer alot.  At least I do...Is it just me?  Anyway I will be answering those question here for y'all so that you can see the answers and not need to ask the questions!

1. Why did you begin homeschooling?  

My husband and I talked about it alot for a couple of years.  Our middle daughter is very bright and did not need the classroom repetition needed by several of her classmates.  So what happened she got board, and is so much like her mother and father that she began to talk.  Yes it was a behavior issue that we could not curve. We had a couple of teachers who realized that they had to keep our daughter busy and moving forward so that this was not an issue.  She often would try to help classmates, but sometimes the teachers did not really like this method (understandably) so she got in trouble more.  It was a struggle for her and us.  Finally we got THAT teacher that did not understand that she was a quick learner and actually told me several occasions before we took her out of school that our daughter needed to slow down she was getting to far ahead of the class.  Anywhoo after a long first half of the year and some really bad incidents with said teacher my husband and I finally saw the light.  We brought Allison home and have had the blessing of seeing her flourish in an atmosphere where I can go as fast or as slow as she needs me to go.

Stay tuned for the next question involving our homeschool! 

Lisa Marie

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