Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

To one of the hardest working, truly compassionate, loving father's I know...

You rise daily at 6:00 am to head in to work so that you can get in 12 hours and still make it home for supper every night. You have watched your share of princess movies with the girls growing up, and try hard to convince JA he is not Mulan. Your always ready to tickle, chase, or talk with our children. You show our children how a father loves his family, and I only pray that our girls grow up to find a man like their daddy and that JA grows up to be just like his daddy! We are all so lucky that GOD gave you to us.

Happy Father's day!! I hope you enjoy your day today!! We love you!!
Lisa, LU, ALI, & JA

Happy Father's Day
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