Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

Wow....This is the first week back to the books for us. It went really smoothly and for that I owe all the praise to God. I was nervous since this was the first week that I was teaching 2 children. (please don't laugh if teach more - I know it can be done, just was not sure I could do it) But things went well. We have a 7th grader and a Kindergartner and since Allison is so much older she completely surprised me that she was mostly independent.

Jackson was my hands on fellow since we are just starting out. I prayed for patience and just let things move at his pace and I really think that was the answer. Everything went smoothly and we covered everything I had planned to cover! For Jackson we are doing Heart of Dakota Little Hands for His Glory + Math-u-see for math and things went really well.

With it still being so warm we spent several afternoons in the pool. Wednesday we made it to the library, and Thursday evening I took the kids to meet Granny. They will be staying there until Monday because I had oral surgery yesterday to remove those nasty wisdom teeth :O)

I would say this was a good start and we are looking forward to next week!!

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